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Frederick Hightower grew up in Madison, West Virginia, and now resides near the capital city of West Virginia.  He is a master sculptor, muralist, and portraitist whose work captures the emotions of his audience with idealized perfection. His sculptures are curated by using century-old classical techniques by Donatello. Frederick likes to transform clay into a living work of classical beauty, exactly in line with the aesthetics of figurative art.


Although Sculpting is his passion, he is not limited to his complex large-scale still-life works, sculptures, and portrait busts. He is also skilled and well known for his naturalist tradition of Painting. Many of his paintings are inspired by Flemish Realism and Vermeer and Rubens of the 16th and 17th centuries.


Hightower believes that his gift to create things that are beautiful came from the one who created everything. In other words, Frederick was created therefore, he creates.  Every sculpture, painting, or mural Frederick does is a pure reflection of his spirit of excellence.


He studied fine art in 1980 at West Virginia State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Art. To this day he continues to expand his portfolio through self-taught practices.

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